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The 10 best restaurants in Cannes

La Palme d'Or: Located in the Hotel Martinez, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience with stunning views of the Bay of Cannes.

Le Park 45: Another Michelin-starred gem, Le Park 45 offers an elegant outdoor dining experience with a menu that emphasizes fresh, local ingredients.

La Table du Chef: A cozy and intimate setting where diners can enjoy a surprise menu prepared with the day's freshest ingredients.

Aux P'tits Anges: A hidden gem in Cannes, this restaurant is beloved for its warm atmosphere and excellent French cuisine. The menu changes regularly to reflect the best of the season's offerings.

Le Maschou: A traditional French restaurant known for its rustic charm and an open fire where meats are grilled.

Bobo Bistro: This trendy bistro offers a modern take on French and Mediterranean cuisine, with a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Mantel: Located in the old town of Cannes, Mantel is known for its elegant presentation and a menu that beautifully blends traditional and contemporary French cuisine. The wine selection is also noteworthy.

Sea Sens: Situated on the fifth floor of the Five Seas Hotel, Sea Sens offers panoramic views alongside a menu that combines French culinary techniques with international flavors.

La Môme: A stylish restaurant and cocktail bar, La Môme features a menu of French cuisine with modern twists.

Astoux et Brun: Renowned for its seafood, this restaurant is a must-visit for oyster and shellfish lovers. The casual and bustling atmosphere makes it a great spot for a relaxed meal with friends or family.

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