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What Is Scamorza Cheese?

Scamorza is a traditional southern Italian cheese that offers a unique taste and texture, distinguishing itself from other cheeses such as mozzarella. .

It's a cow's milk cheese, though variations using sheep's milk exist, and falls under the category of stretched-curd or pasta filata cheeses similar to mozzarella .

The process involves the fresh curd maturing in its own whey for several hours to develop acidity, then it's shaped into a round form, tied, and hung to dry, which results in its characteristic pear-like shape. .

This drying process, which can last one to two weeks, gives scamorza a firmer, saltier profile compared to mozzarella.

Scamorza comes in two main varieties: plain (scamorza bianca) and smoked (scamorza affumicata). The plain version retains the light, milky flavor of mozzarella but with a more pronounced saltiness and a richer taste. .

The smoked variety, on the other hand, features an unmistakable smokiness that adds complexity to dishes. .

Despite its age, scamorza is best used quickly after opening to preserve its delicate flavors, especially the smoky aroma of the affumicata variety​​. .

Traditionally made in regions such as Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, and Molise, scamorza has a protected status (Prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale - PAT) since 1996 in Italy. .

It's versatile in the kitchen, melting well and offering a bolder taste in baked dishes, making it an excellent substitute for mozzarella. .

Smoked scamorza, in particular, can provide a significant flavor boost, especially in dishes like BBQ chicken pizza or eggplant parmesan .

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