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10 Flavorful Peruvian Recipes Featuring Papas, Pisco, Pollo, and More

Papa a la Huancaina: A dish featuring boiled yellow potatoes covered in a spicy and creamy cheese sauce, garnished with hard-boiled eggs and olives​

Pollo Saltado: A Peruvian chicken stir-fry with onions and tomatoes, flavored with a pisco and tamari-based sauce, best served over rice or with potatoes

Pollo a la Brasa: A famous Peruvian roast chicken marinated in spices and cooked to perfection, often served with aji verde sauce and thickly cut French fries

Aji de Gallina: A creamy Peruvian chicken stew made with aji amarillo peppers, bread, nuts, and cheese, typically served over rice​

Arroz con Pollo: Chicken and rice cooked together with cilantro, beer, and vegetables to create a vibrant and flavorful dish

Escabeche de Pollo: A Peruvian pickled chicken dish that balances the sweet, savory, and sour flavors with ingredients like aji panca, honey, and red wine vinegar

Cau Cau: A traditional tripe stew made with potatoes, aji amarillo, and mint, showcasing the diverse ingredients and flavors of Peruvian cuisine​

Aji Verde Sauce: A spicy and flavorful condiment made with cilantro, hot peppers, garlic, and lime, often served with various Peruvian dishes to add zest and heat​

Chicha Morada: A non-alcoholic drink made from purple corn, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, offering a sweet and earthy flavor​

Quinoa Soup: A comforting soup with quinoa, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, embodying the health-conscious aspect of Peruvian cuisine​

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