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10 Countries Where Retirees Have the Best Quality of Life

Norway: Tops the list with high scores in health and material well-being, indicating a strong social support system and high standard of living​

Switzerland: Known for its robust healthcare system, financial stability, and high quality of life

Iceland: Offers a serene environment with stunning landscapes and a strong sense of community​

Ireland: Combines rich cultural experiences with excellent healthcare and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere

Luxembourg: Small in size but offers a high standard of living, great healthcare, and is strategically located in Europe for travel​

Netherlands: Known for its inclusive society, efficient healthcare system, and high overall happiness levels

Australia: The highest-ranked non-European country, notable for its superannuation pension fund system and quality of life

New Zealand: Offers a peaceful life amidst stunning landscapes, with a strong healthcare system and community feel​

Germany: Provides a high standard of healthcare, safety, and a rich cultural heritage for retirees to enjoy​

Denmark: Features a high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and a strong social welfare system​

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