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10 Bad Things Society Used to Accept

Child Labor: Industrial revolutions in many countries relied heavily on child labor, with children working long hours in dangerous conditions. Today, child labor is condemned by international laws and treaties.

Segregation and Racial Discrimination: Practices like apartheid in South Africa and racial segregation laws in the United States were legally sanctioned ways of discriminating against individuals based on race.

Foot Binding in China: This was a practice intended to restrict the growth of girls' feet to make them smaller, as small feet were considered more attractive.

Public Executions: Public executions were common spectacles in many societies. They are now widely regarded as inhumane, and many countries have abolished the death penalty altogether or significantly restricted its use.

Colonialism and Imperialism: The occupation and exploitation of one country by another were once considered a legitimate way to expand power and influence.

Witch Hunts: In various historical periods, particularly in Europe and North America, individuals (mostly women) were persecuted, tortured, and executed based on accusations of witchcraft.

Slavery: The ownership of humans as property was a widespread practice in many parts of the world for centuries. It is now universally condemned as one of the most egregious violations of human rights.

Forced Marriages and Child Brides: Arranging marriages without the consent of one or both of the individuals involved, often involving children, was common in many cultures.

Homophobia and Criminalization of Homosexuality: Many societies criminalized homosexual acts, and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals was widespread.

Environmental Degradation: Practices such as widespread deforestation, unregulated industrial pollution, and overhunting were once seen as signs of progress and economic growth.

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