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10 Amazing Dinners You Definitely Haven't Made Before

Lemon Lavender Chicken - Marinate chicken breasts in a unique blend of lemon juice, lavender, and garlic for a fragrant and tangy dish. Serve with a side of roasted asparagus.

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Enchiladas - Swap out traditional fillings for a mix of spicy chorizo and sweet potatoes, wrapped in corn tortillas and smothered in a rich enchilada sauce and cheese.

Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash - Infuse Arborio rice with saffron for a golden hue, then mix in roasted butternut squash for a creamy and luxurious vegetarian dinner.

Moroccan Spiced Vegan Meatballs - Make meatballs from lentils and chickpeas, seasoned with Moroccan spices, and serve over couscous with a tangy tomato sauce.

Baked Salmon with Pink Peppercorn Glaze - Create a glaze with pink peppercorns, honey, and lime juice for a sweet and spicy topping on baked salmon fillets.

Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza - Top your pizza dough with slices of ripe pear, crumbled gorgonzola, walnuts, and arugula for a sweet and savory flavor combination.

Thai Coconut Curry Soup with Duck - Use duck breast in a rich coconut curry broth with lemongrass, ginger, and fresh herbs, served over rice noodles.

Beetroot and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken - Stuff chicken breasts with a mixture of roasted beetroot and goat cheese, then bake until juicy and serve with a balsamic reduction.

Jamaican Jerk Cauliflower Steaks - Slice cauliflower into thick "steaks" and marinate in a homemade Jamaican jerk sauce before grilling or roasting.

Kimchi Fried Rice with Soft Boiled Egg - Stir-fry cooked rice with kimchi, vegetables, and bacon, then top with a soft boiled egg for a spicy and comforting meal.

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