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Receiving WBSC Certification is for the top USA Softball Umpire, not available to any other softball organization. Once the umpire is certified as an WBSC umpire, they are eligible to umpire at international competitions including the World Championships (adult or junior men's and women's) or Regional Softball Championships, including the Pan American Games. The WBSC is also where all umpires were chosen from to work the Olympic Games. Certification can be achieved in fast pitch, slow pitch, or modified pitch levels.

Only about 265 U.S. umpires have been certified in this program since it began in 1978. Considering there have been nearly 100,000 registered umpires during that span of time, it is indeed an honor to hold this certification. Of that total, less than 100 are active (the remaining have gone inactive).

In St. Louis, we have two umpires who have reached this pinnacle:

Greg Pohl – Fast Pitch – 2001                      Kevin Wallace – Fast Pitch – 2011

To achieve this honor, an umpire must have umpired in three national championships - two of which must be in the major division of the category applying for. In fast pitch, this includes the Men's and/or Women's Major and "A" divisions, the Men's 40-Over or the Girls 18-UGold. In Slow Pitch it includes the Men's Super, Men's or Women's Major and "A" Divisions, Men's Major and "A" Industrial divisions. In Modified, it includes the Men's Major and "A" or Women's Major divisions. In whichever championship the umpire applies, he/she must have the highest possible rating.  Once this has been accomplished, the umpire can apply through the USA Softball’s Elite Umpire program to attend a five day "Certification" Seminar, which includes evaluations in live competition, evaluations on plate mechanics calling balls and strikes, evaluations on responding to mechanic and case plays, and being taught the difference in USA Softball and ISF Rules and passing a written exam on the rules.


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