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USA Softball Medals Program   |   National Indicator Fraternity (NIF)   |   USA Softball Elite Umpires   |   WBSC Certified Umpires   |   Special Honors

This program is the highest honor an USA Softball umpire can obtain other than selection to the USA Softball Hall of Fame.  There are currently 360 qualified umpires that have been selected for the "Elite" program.  Members who are approved as "Elite" umpires can apply for their international certification (WBSC).  To become eligible for this program, an umpire must have been an USA Softball registered umpire for at least seven (7) years and a current member in good standing.  The umpire must have participated in at least four (4) USA Softball National Championships, and umpired in two (2) in the same category of play, and from the USA Softball Championship listed below:

 Fast Pitch:
Men's Major, Women's Major, Men's Master
40-Over, Girls 18U USA Softball / USA Gold, Men's "A" or Women's "A."

Slow Pitch:
Men's Super, Men's Major, Men's A, Men's B, Men's Industrial, Men's Masters 35-Over, Men's 40-Over, Women's Open, or CO-ED Major.

ELITE Level Umpires:  

David Lee - Fast Pitch - USA Softball of St. Louis
Carlos A. Lindo - Fast Pitch - USA Softball of St. Louis 
Greg Pohl - Fast Pitch - USA Softball of St. Louis
Kevin Wallace - Fast Pitch - USA Softball of St. Louis
Leon Watson* - Fast Pitch - USA Softball of St. Louis

* Deceased

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